At times, you will be tired of being good and bad person. But if you being good person, you get really tired with people. Being bad person,you get really tired with yourself.

Never thought that falling for you will makes my heart skip a beat and always awaiting for you to talk with me. Feeling happy when we got the chance to chat and sometimes will review our previous conversation.

Sudden depress is really not a good thing! I makes me want to cry for no reason and makes me sad for no reason!
I was thinking what should I do now? How to overcome it? All I could think was probably I should cry for awhile as to let out the hidden emotion. So maybe I should do that and probably I could feel better

Sometimes you just don’t know what to do when you started to fall for someone you thought that can only be your friend. You also wish that person will like you back and will talk to you no matter how busy he/she is :)

Bro’s coolest mouse that I have ever seen

Bro’s coolest mouse that I have ever seen


Every time I think about you, it makes me blush. I thought that I can forget you but it become worsen. The more I tried to forget you,the more it makes me want to love you. I really felt that I have liked a wrong person but at the same time I thought that you would be the most perfect person in my life.

 Never tried to tell you my feelings because if you want to compare the rejection of other things, I would tell you this, I’m too afraid of rejection in relationship because I like you so much and I’m fear that I cannot face you anymore in the future.

Thinking of you,will sometimes makes me miserable as I thought that if I’m being with you then one day, you might just leave me. I have really wanted to know your feelings toward me whether you’re being nice with me because I’m just a friend or you really have the same feeling with me. One thing that I really wanted to tell you is, I wish that you can be happy even if we’re not together or even just a normal friend and as friend, I’ll support you with all my heart.